Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner
Platinum International LLC created Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner. This toner cartridge  helps fund and operate the philanthropic organization Project Pop Drop. 
Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner is environmentally responsible and American made. 
The toner supports thousands of American jobs. Our manufacturing partners have recycled over two million toner cartridges with their recycling programs.
 A percentage of each Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner purchased through Platinum International Products And Services LLC will go directly to Project Pop Drop. 
This directly helps feed over 90,000 meals per month  as well as helps contribute to distributing lifesaving supplies to our recipients through the sales of Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner. 
We have been awarded many patents and acknowledged for many technological innovations.  The Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner factory has received industry wide recognition for the best quality compatible toner in the United States.
Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner offers customers the market’s best alternative to the original equipment manufacturer. 
This brand gives customers a quality and cost effective way to print. 
Pop Drop Platinum Series American sustainable toner is the only toner in the world helping to feed homeless people with every toner purchased.  Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner’s motto - “Give and Receive”. Welcome to printing with a purpose.